Explore and Restore Self-Esteem Through Counselling

Self-esteem is the opinion that we hold about ourselves. When you possess healthy self-esteem, you tend to feel positive about yourself and life, allowing you to be better able to handle life's ups and downs. Low self-esteem makes you tend to view yourself, and life in general, in a more negative light, and to often feel ill-equipped to meet life's challenges.

To most effectively change unwanted beliefs about yourself, it is necessary to create a new experience on which is base on the new belief. This is what psychotherapy provides. Counselling can help you improve self-esteem, and the treatment works through forging a therapeutic alliance with your counsellor.

The goal of counselling is to recognize the distortions of perspective and then to implement healthier and more realistic patterns of thought and behaviour. Working with a counsellor builds the experience of being essentially acceptable instead of fundamentally wrong, and this understanding leads to improved self-esteem. The counsellor models a different way for you to create more realistic self-talk and actions.

By sharing thoughts and emotions with the counsellor, who responds with acceptance, understanding, and compassion rather than judgment, you begin to form a therapeutic relationship. Through modelling, a healthy idea is generated: “Maybe I'm all right after all.” This understanding leads to healing low self-esteem.

Counselling can help create more accurate perceptions by challenging mistaken assumptions and patterns that were forged in childhood, it can often lead to depression and anxiety disorders without therapy. Counselling for self-esteem issues may include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, self-compassionate interventions, social skills, assertiveness, and problem-solving trainings.

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