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Talk Therapy With Vera


I am always looking for opportunities to spread the message of the benefits of therapy and how admirable and courageous it is to start the process. Check out the few examples below of me spreading that message. Get in touch and let’s Talk Therapy.

Media Gallery

Vera talk with Shannon Martin from CBC during Asian Heritage Month to talk about the rise in Anti Asian Hate in Canada. Hit play to learn more about the facts.

Vera talks with CTV News’ Angie Seth and Dr. Amy Tan on the realities of racism panel to discuss the rise of Asian hate in Canada and its relevance to the ongoing history of Canada. Take a listen and learn about how this is impacting Canadian communities and individuals.

Vera talks with the host of Love Education, Railey Molinario. They dig into the how to care for yourself and the benefits of putting yourself first. Take a listen and learn the tips and tricks to get started on compassion for yourself. 

March 16th, 2022 marks the 1-year anniversary of the of the Atlanta spa shooting and Vera joins other panelists to participate in the deeply impactful discussion hosted by On Canada Project and The Represent Asian Project. Click to listen to the conversation and retweet to join the discussion. #AntiAsianHate #Solidarty.

Vera talks to the host of the Well Beauty Lab Podcast, LaKeisha A Entsuah. They dive into best practices for managing anxiety when levels are high or beginning to feel unmanageable. Live Well Tip of the Week: You don’t have to go backwards if you don’t want to. Sometimes going forward with a new routine, instead of revisiting an old routine, is the better route for you! Listen to learn more.

Vera talks with Hannah Lin & Amira Al-Harazi. Vera shares what led her into becoming a social worker and how she helps others overcome negative thoughts. We dive into negative assumptions about people who attend therapy and share tips on how to improve symptoms of anxiety.

Vera sits down with Ashley and Leanna to share her journey into her full-time practice, discussing when you should seek out a therapist, and the importance of breaking stigmas in Asian Communities.

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Speaking with CTV News’ Angie Seth about the importance of addressing the stigma of mental health in the Asian Community during the pandemic. Learn more >

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Speaking with Global News’ about reducing shame for Asians struggling with mental health and strategies to better cope during the pandemic. Learn more >

Speaking with Global News Radio’s Jeff MacArthur who is filling in for Alan Carter about the stresses of returning to work. Learn more >