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Updated: May 3

I understand many of us are dwelling everyday about when this pandemic will be over. Would it be helpful to think about “I'm thankful for...”

Whether you are struggling with your finances, work, parenting or caring for your loved ones, I would invite you to slow down and think about what the positive thing highlighted your day. You can make this a daily routine to write a gratitude journal.

It can be things that you’ve done for yourself or others or vice versa. The events that you write about don't have to be from today they can be from the past as well. These events can include: donating your time to deliver groceries/meals, check in with a neighbour/friend, complete self-care activities for myself, etc.

There is no right or wrong way to do this. You simply pick a time that works best for you to write, focus on the benefits of gratitude journal, start with gratitude journal prompts (which I will post some below), and check-in with yourself regularly. This is one of the activities that I invite my clients to do, and I believe it can be beneficial to develop personal growth.

Gratitude Journal Prompts:

1. Name something beautiful that you saw today.

2. What memory are you grateful for?

3. What opportunities are you grateful for?

4. Name something in your home that you truly treasure. Why?

5. What are you grateful for in your significant other?

6. What positive changes in your personality have happened in the last year?

7. What small thing are you grateful happened today?

8. What difficult parts of your life contain hidden blessings?

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